Few & Far Between Stills

    In 2009, LUCEO set about to document rural America. We began with a few simple rules: we would visit towns that epitomize what it means to live outside of the metropolitan mainstream, we would work together to bring our content producers to each town, and we would gather content as a team in order to capture the snippets of daily life that make up the collective essence of what it means to live in the quieter spaces of the United States.

    The ground-level facts are pretty clear: rural America is experiencing a peculiar renaissance. It’s growing. But that growth is complicated. Presently, no more than 6% of non-metropolitan residents remain employed by the agricultural sector. This increase in rural populations is owed, in part, to a globalized and increasingly decentralized and de-regionalized economy. This change in industry, however, does not represent an overall re-purposing of rural communities. Instead, there has been a slow population decline in farming-based counties throughout the middle states of America offset by significant growth in western states that boast alternative economies.

    We’d like to invite you to join us on this visual journey; take a spin through the galleries, open up our first Travelogue (or, if you’re at the New York Public Library’s Photo Collection, pull the original work straight from their archive), check out the artifacts we’ve gathered along the way, and, most important, don’t be a stranger.